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Openquote“The statements made by the chiropractors are basically pure, grade-A bunk, but, sadly, this is becoming more commonly seen with anti-vaccination rhetoric. I think it’s dangerous and irresponsible and represents a set of magical beliefs rather than science-based ones.” ~ UBC Professor of Nursing Bernie Garrett, commenting on anti‑vaccine Facebook posts by some BC chiropractors. (CBC News, May 3)

“Researchers are just beginning to understand exercise’s full impact on human health. Inside the Chan Gunn Pavilion, we will develop and deliver innovative, evidence‑based strategies for maintaining health and treating a broad range of conditions, including cancer, osteoarthritis and even mental health. We see this building as a place of healing, not just for all manner of athletes, but for everyone.”  ~ Dean of Medicine Dr. Dermot Kelleher commenting on the opening of the Chan Gunn Pavilion at UBC, which will focus on sports medicine and exercise science.

“Late this morning, the R/V Armstrong spotted a disabled autonomous surface vehicle far off the coast of Florida. Upon approach, the name of the vessel, Ada, was visible on the stern. We quickly learned from an internet search that this vessel was an autonomous sailboat from the University of British Columbia… launched last year on a trip across the Atlantic. Somewhere along the way it became disabled and lost its sail. SailBot Ada was recovered by the ship’s crew and is now safely strapped down on deck for the remainder of the ADEON cruise.” ~ Ship’s blog (Dec 1, 2017) for the R/V Armstrong, which was engaged on a research mission for a project led by Dr. Jennifer Miksis-Olds of the University of New Hampshire.

“We can’t possibly know exactly how sex robots will affect modern marriage in the future. But I predict their availability will give couples greater opportunity to define their own types of marriages. One example might be that more couples could choose ‘companionship marriages’ that do not involve sex, but focus solely on the creation of a family.” ~ Marina Adshade, professor in the Vancouver School of Economics at UBC, discusses the topic of a chapter she contributed to the book Robot Sex: Social and Ethical Implications. (UBC News, April 17)

“In the Daily Mile children run, jog or walk one mile every day in their school clothes. It needs no special equipment or unique staff training and emphasizes enjoyment, inclusion and social participation.” ~ Prof. Mark Beauchamp referring to the “Daily Mile,” an initiative that began in Scotland for young children, and advocating its benefits for older children and youth. Beauchamp’s recent study showed that a lack of exercise in teens could be behind a rise in depression. (The Sun, UK, April 18)

Endquote“We can sugarcoat it all we want, but screens are not recommended, and at a young age it’s not good for [children]. There’s nothing to support it. Young kids are supposed to be constantly moving and when you put them in front of the TV, that just stops.” ~ Public health nurse Reda Wilkes discusses a study she co-authored that showed more than half of parents let their young children (two years of age or under) have access to screen time, against expert guidelines. The team of nurses who conducted the study was mentored by UBC nursing professor Wendy Hall. (UBC News, February 14)


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