alumni UBC 100 in Review

alumni UBC 100 in review

Thanks to our 325,000+ global alumni. We did it!

During our 100th year, from May 2017 – April 2018, we not only achieved our goal of 100,000 alumni connections, but far surpassed it, with over 160,000!

Global Alumni Map

4,833 added themselves to the Global Alumni Map.

100 Dinners

943 hosted or took part in a dinner with fellow alumni.


21,311 attended an event around the globe.


1,929 attended a reunion.

Welcome Centre

4,818 visited the UBC Welcome Centre.

Social Media

15,721 followed us on social media.


1,173 attended Homecoming 2017.

Benefits & Services

35,798 took advantage of our benefits and services.

Media Library

63,566 browsed our media library.

Volunteer & Donate

13,133 gave back by volunteering or donating.


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