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UBC researchers use drones to track jellyfish blooms

Jellyfish blooms are becoming more widespread and scientists are looking for ways to understand them better, including their impact on species like salmon that compete with them for food sources. Now, researchers at the University of British Columbia have enlisted aerial drones to track these jellyfish clusters, their behaviours, and populations in greater detail. […]

Ride-hailing could shift gears for BC taxi industry

An all-party committee of Crown corporations is expected to release its recommendations on ride-hailing in B.C. on Thursday, February 22. UBC Sauder Professor Thomas Ross, who presented to the committee last month, offers his thoughts on the future of ride-hailing in B.C., and how competition from companies like Uber and Lyft might affect the taxi industry. […]

Electrical implant could improve daily activities for people with spinal cord injuries

An experimental treatment that sends electrical currents through the spinal cord has improved “invisible” yet debilitating side effects for a B.C. man with a spinal cord injury. […]


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