Building a Culture of Employee Engagement featuring Nicole Yeasting, BA'11 and Julie Jenkins, MA

Take a moment and think about your engagement at work. If you had to give yourself a rating from 1-10, with 10 being exceptionally engaged, how would you rate yourself?

Organizations spend a significant amount of time and resources elevating their engagement scores. And for good reason. Employee engagement has been linked to higher retention rates, lower turnover, less sick days, higher productivity and more. These essential ingredients enable organizations to achieve successful business outcomes.

As employees, we often look to our organization to help us be more engaged. We also need to recognize our own ability to take engagement into our own hands. Hear about how other workplaces are dealing with this issue and learn skills to become an advocate for a more engaging workplace.

About the Speakers

Nicole Yeasting

Nicole is the Manager, Alumni Career Education with alumni UBC. She is responsible for implementing and overseeing the alumni career development program for more than 340,000 UBC alumni.

Over the past 10 years, Nicole designed and taught a Career Development Course (BA 520) for graduate students at UBC, worked as a career coach for hundreds of undergraduate and graduate students, as well as, gained experience in recruitment, human resources, and employee engagement. She genuinely cares about people’s professional development and supporting people with their career journey.

Nicole has a BA from the University of British Columbia and an Emotional Intelligence Certification from RocheMartin. She is passionate about spending time with her family and friends, the arts and culture scene, and playing sports. On her spare time, she volunteers as the Board Chair for North America’s largest children’s festival, the Vancouver International Children’s Festival.

Julie Jenkins

Nothing gets Julie more excited than igniting potential in others. With a Master of Arts degree in Organizational Psychology, Julie works with individuals, teams and organizations to elevate people excellence. With a focus on strengths and asset-based approaches, Julie approaches all her work with curiosity and authenticity. As an Organizational Development and Learning Consultant at UBC, Julie supports leadership development and team performance across the University. In addition to her organizational development work, Julie is a Certified Leadership Coach and a Insights Discovery Practitioner.

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