Think for a Living: The Rise of the Knowledge Worker and Gig Economy - featuring Jody Shakespeare

What you need to know about the trending gig economy, how to use your knowledge to cash-in and ways to mitigate your risk as a contractor.

Presenter Biography

Jody Shakespeare is a business development strategist and coach. She spent nearly 10 years working in agency recruitment where she consulted some of the biggest brands in Canada on their contingent workforce programs including attracting and retaining knowledge workers, mitigating risk while engaging independent contractors and providing trends and insights into the utilization of consultants across Canada.

Jody has also partnered with and placed hundreds of consultants nationally, helping them to develop personal brands that speak to hiring managers, interviewing to get the gig, and coached extensively on how to navigate being a contractor in various enterprise environments.  She now has joined the knowledge-workforce herself and offers her unique insights and shares her zone of genius to businesses and consultants alike.

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