Richard C. Peck, QC, BA’71, LLB’74
Richard C.C. Peck, QC, received the Law Society Award for 2018. The citation notes that, after being called to the bar in 1975, Peck took on difficult legal aid cases for marginalized clients and forged a reputation for excellence in advocacy, integrity and unimpeachable good character.

In 1987, Peck received the Queen’s Counsel designation. Since 1992, he has been a founding partner at Peck and Company, one of Canada’s leading criminal litigation firms. In addition, Peck served as a Law Society bencher from 1988 to 1997, chair of the CBA National Criminal Justice Section, governor of the Law Foundation of BC, vice-chair of the Forensic Psychiatric Services Commission of BC, and chair of the Regional Committee for BC for the Supreme Court Advocacy Institute.

Through his writing, editing, lecturing, he has made extraordinary contributions to legal education in the areas of criminal law, advocacy and ethics. Peck also co-founded the Trial Advocacy program at UBC Law. His advocacy has shaped the development of substantive criminal law and Charter jurisprudence in Canada, and his mentorship has helped produce exceptional advocates, judges and law school professors.

Wendy Holm

Wendy R. Holm, MSc’74
As one of two professional agrologists who spent three years documenting the agricultural impact of the Site C dam, Wendy R. Holm appeared as an expert witness before Site C’s joint federal / provincial review panel. She assembled a group of 14 Canadian journalists and public policy professionals to publish Damming the Peace: The Hidden Costs of the Site C Dam (Lorimer 2018). Holm believes that the Site C area is a Class One Climate with rich alluvial soils, with the capacity meet the nutritional needs of more than one million people a year for the foreseeable future. She writes that the Peace Valley is of key strategic importance to food security in the north. The biggest agenda behind Site C is water, says Holm: it’s about the plumbing of North America.

Larry Beasley, "Vancouverism" book cover

Larry Beasley, MA’75
Larry Beasley has published a new book, Vancouverism (UBC Press 2019), which made the BC Bestseller List in its first month out. This book chronicles Vancouver’s dramatic transformation between Expo ’86 and the 2010 Olympic Games, when Beasley was the co-chief planner. His first book, Ecodesign for Cities and Suburbs (Island Press 2015), co-authored with Jonathan Barnett, has been the focus of an EdX course at UBC and has sold copies around the world. Beasley has long been the Distinguished Practice Professor of Planning in UBC’s School of Community and Regional Planning.

Joan Boxall, "DrawBridge: Drawing Alongside My Brother's Schizophrenia" book cover

Joan Boxall, BPE’77
Author and retired ESL teacher Joan Boxall (BPE’77 and BC Teaching Certificate ’79) has published DrawBridge: Drawing Alongside My Brother’s Schizophrenia (Caitlin Press). Boxall’s late brother, Stephen A. Corcoran, is the illustrator. The two siblings did life drawing for the better part of a decade, during which, Boxall says, both came to realize art’s healing power. The book is a resource for the four-fifths of North Americans who do not have to cope with a chronic mental illness themselves, but who wonder how to help a loved one who does.

Bernard H. Whiting, BSc’79, MSc’89
Ben Whiting, PGeo, received knighthood in the Order of St. George for his past military service and volunteer work. This international order exists to promote and pursue the timeless tradition of chivalry through compassion and by supporting works of charity specific to the men and women in uniform who serve their respective communities and nations. The inspiration for the order’s foundation are the statutes, which defined the secular fraternal society in 1326. Linked to its Christian foundations and to the chivalric code, the Order of St. George has grown to encompass people of many faiths, and maintains its commitments to service and to helping people in need.

Julian Dunster, 2019 R.W. Harris Authors’ Citation

Julian Dunster, MF’79
The International Society of Arboriculture announced at the annual conference in Knoxville, Tennessee, that the 2019 recipient of the R.W. Harris Authors’ Citation was Julian A. Dunster, “in recognition of sustained excellence in publishing timely information pertaining to the field of arboriculture.”


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