Mark Donaldson, BSc(Pharm)’90
Dr. Mark Donaldson has received the Canadian Dental Association (CDA) Special Friend of Canadian Dentistry Award for 2019, which is conferred on an individual who has demonstrated exemplary service to Canadian dentistry. Donaldson is a clinician, researcher, published author, and experienced presenter who, in addition to his degree in pharmaceutical sciences from UBC,  has a doctoral degree in pharmacology from the University of Washington. He has held multiple board, hospital, teaching, administrative and editorial appointments. Donaldson is committed to presenting evidence-based information in an engaging manner to help fellow dentists improve their prescribing and keep their patients safe.

Karen Choy (née Lee), BA’91, OT’94
On April 27, 2019, the School of Rehabilitation Sciences class of ’94 (occupational therapy and physical therapy) celebrated its 25th reunion. Classmates returned to Vancouver for this special occasion via car, ferry, and airplane, with some travelling from as far away as Winnipeg. Attendees were astonished to see that some of their peers had become grandparents, while some had retired or moved on to other careers. However, the majority of the classmates were still enjoying their original profession. The group extends many thanks to Mark Hampton, who initiated this successful event. Everyone had such a good time that another reunion may be planned in five years’ time. Please contact Hampton (markhampton@telus.net) or karenleechoy@gmail.com if you would like to reconnect at a future event.

Sheldon Goldfarb, PhD’92, MAS’96
Dr. Sheldon Goldfarb has published the book Sherlockian Musings: Thoughts on the Sherlock Holmes Stories. Goldfarb achieved a graduate degree in English at UBC in 1992, focusing specifically on Victorian literature. He now works as archivist for the AMS and has published books about the history of student life at UBC. Sherlockian Musings is filled with close readings and fresh insights into the Sherlock Holmes stories, drawing on Goldfarb’s diverse knowledge of literature and his own experience writing mystery novels. His musings discern mysteries beneath the stories themselves, exploring the psychologies of Holmes and Watson and giving his readers room to work out their own interpretations about the texts.

Marquis Lung (center)

Marquis Lung, Dip’94
Marquis Lung, who graduated with a diploma in guidance studies, has received a 2019 Annual RBC Top 25 Canadian Immigrants Award. The awards recognize the achievements of immigrants, including community advocates, volunteers, successful entrepreneurs, and cultural icons, and celebrates their contributions to Canada. Lung has devoted his career to family and youth counselling. He started a successful mentorship program for immigrant children, drawing on his own experiences as a newcomer to Canada. Today, he is a safe school specialist with the Burnaby School District. Lung also runs kung fu schools in six community centres, with the goal of teaching children confidence, respect, and healthy living. Lung says he is humbled and honoured to be selected as an award recipient, and he hopes the award will inspire more immigrants to contribute to society through volunteerism.

Kakoli Mitra, BSc’95(Hons)
Dr. Kakoli Mitra is joining the Boston office of Lathrop Gage, an American law firm. Mitra received her BSc(Hons) from UBC and finished as a Governor General’s medallist, as well as a Natural Science & Engineering Research Council Award winner. She will be working primarily with clients in Agribusiness and Biotechnology & Life Sciences.

Sharon Hartung, "Your Digital Undertaker" book cover

Sharon Hartung, MSc’96
Former IBM executive, rocket scientist, and retired captain Sharon Hartung has recently published her first book, Your Digital Undertaker. The book emerged from Hartung’s experience after her mother’s death, when she found herself grappling with profound grief, traditional estate duties, and an unexpected project: taking care of her mother’s digital life. The book offers guidance around the question of digital life in estate planning, encouraging others to clean up their technology habits to cyber-protect themselves, their loved ones, and their future estates. With over 30 years of experience in IT management, project management, and consulting, Hartung has built and maintained large enterprise systems for public sector and financial clients, starting as an aerospace engineering officer with the Canadian Forces before she retired as a captain after 12 years. Joining IBM Global Services, Hartung spent 18 years as an executive and consultant in project management. She holds an MSc in management of information systems, as well as Project Management Professional (PMP)® certification. Hartung is a licensed professional engineer, a Society of Trust and Estate Practitioners (STEP) affiliate, and a committee member of the STEP Global Digital Assets Special Interest Group.

Ziya Tong, "The Reality Bubble" book cover

Ziya Tong,, BA
Ziya Tong, who studied psychology and sociology at UBC, has a forthcoming book called The Reality Bubble. The book explores the hidden realms that science has revealed but most of us ignore, and the ways in which the natural order of our planet is under relentless assault by human beings. From the synthetic production of our food and the fabrication of our borders to the microscopic creatures that control our life support systems, most of the world operates outside our field of view. Tong, a former Discovery Channel anchor and PBS host, shows us how a multitude of blind spots, some innate and some learned, distort our perception of reality and endanger our very survival. The Reality Bubble aims to open our eyes, expand our view of the world, and disrupt hardened ideas, allowing us to question what surrounds us, what sustains us, and perhaps most importantly, what controls us.


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