Liz Parker, BMus’92

Liz Parker, BMus’92

Current Role

Music Writer, Teacher and Stylist

If you’re not fulfilled, you’ll never love it and persist. I do various things, but what they all have in common is I enable people to do better, whether it's reading about the joys of music, teaching kids music - which gives them valuable tools for whatever they do later on - and styling musicians so their website photos support and build their careers.

What did you envision your job or career to be when you started university and how has that vision evolved?

Honestly, I had no clue. I know I didn't want to perform professionally, and I also knew I didn't want to teach full-time in the school system. All I knew is that I loved classical music, had devoted my entire life to it by the time I went to UBC, and that I loved communicating. It was instinctive to me, and I was lucky I had the support of friends and family to keep studying and explore options. After UBC Music, I studied radio broadcasting at BCIT, which was also very useful. A career in music administration came of it, as I did symphony public relations for ten years, and then concert presenter public relations after that. So I went from "no idea" to "BING!" - the light went on.

What career building advice would you offer your fellow alumni?

Attend events. Go out. Attend every party you're invited to - you never know whom you're going to meet in a casual setting. Have business cards and hand them out - sometimes that's quicker than standing around, entering data into your phone. Look presentable. And for god's sake, keep your social media clean and never, ever, complain about work or colleagues or fellow students - it will come back to haunt you. Make eye contact, have a firm handshake, and if you receive advice, always follow-up with a thank you. People will remember you.