The Last Word, with…

Well-known individuals with a UBC connection answer the same set of questions.

The Last Word, with Kyle MacDonald

Q: What are some of your UBC highlights?
A: Having breakfast with former UBC President Martha Piper, and being arrested for a crime I did not commit. The two are unconnected.

The Last Word, with Ziya Tong

Q: Name the skill or talent you would most like to have.
A: The ability to make an onion volcano like a Teppanyaki chef

The Last Word, with Gavin Crawford

Q: Who was your childhood hero?
A: Jim Henson and Julie Andrews or, in an ideal world, their love child

The Last Word, with Hayley Wickenheiser

Q: What would be the title of your biography?
A: Gongshow: life on the frozen water

The Last Word, with Robin Gill

Q: In which era would you most like to have lived, and why?
A: The Sixties, because it was such an era of change with the civil rights movements.

The Last Word, with Carin Bondar

Q: If a genie granted you one wish, what would it be?
A: Abolish the patriarchy.


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