Staying true to yourself: Goal-setting and mindfulness in 2020

Staying true to yourself: Goal-setting and mindfulness in 2020

As we start a new decade, for some, the realities of our daily commitments may have eclipsed our well-intended goals from January 1st. The alumni UBC Career Development program has sourced some helpful pieces on goal-setting and mindfulness to help you stay motivated, maintain those new year’s resolutions and achieve your desired goals.

Self-Care Will Help You and Your Career

Setting goals and achieving can be the first challenge for many of us. Importantly, we must understand best practices around mindfulness and self-care before we embark on the journey to self-growth. This article provides manageable and practical tips for you to continue in the new year with your best foot forward.

Source: CASE (Council for Advancement & Support of Education)

What's Your Why

Our professional and personal goals may change or evolve over time. We learn to adapt to our environments and make the most of the resources we have in front of us. With that, we can sometimes lose track of our purpose. This piece highlights several individuals on their journey to fulfillment and illustrates in their own words how they found their “why”. What’s your why?

Source: Eleven Eleven

Five Ways to make a New Year’s Resolution Stick

Now that we’ve gathered tools for mindfulness and have understood our purpose (or at least how others found their purpose), we look at pragmatically keeping of our new year’s resolutions. From recognizing failure to measuring progress, this piece helps understand the tools needed to achieve your goals for 2020.

Source: Forbes

What does this mean for you? We hope that you are able to pull from this literature and apply these tools and strategies in your journey to goal-achievement and mindfulness. If you found some of this literature helpful, feel free to tweet us your thoughts @alumniUBCcareer