Top Five New Grad Career Resources

Top Five New Grad Career Resources

For many new graduates, this time of transition may seem uncertain and ambiguous. This time of transition can also seem rewarding. It allows us to explore new areas of personal and professional development and strengthen our positive habits. alumni UBC has chosen to highlight several of our top resources for graduating students to help make the most of this transition. Below is a list of helpful resources to support you and your development during these times:

Managing your Energy at Work: Simple Habits for better productively and creativity

Format: Webinar

In this webinar, Cole Natakani, BCom’11 speaks about fostering positive habits that improve productivity and creativity. Particularly in current times, our habits in many areas may have improved, changed, or fallen by the wayside. Regardless of the types of habits you keep, this webinar will help you identify where your energy is spent.

How to Use Career Conversations to Advance Your Career

Format: Webinar

In-person networking may look different in our new normal, however career conversations still continue. Whether online or in-person, career conversations function as a useful method to expand your network and engage in meaningful professional development.

In this webinar, Shagufta Pasta, BA’08 discusses how to make the most of a career conversation in a way that encourages both a mutual sharing of knowledge and career advancement.

Time is Of the Essence: Eight Hour Dilemma

Format: Blog

Time management is a key challenge for many of us. Maintaining a consistent work schedule can prove to be difficult. When the boundaries or work-life and home-life are blurred, it can be difficult to make the most of your dedicated work time. In this career blog, Forest Kong, BA’18 shares his experience as a recent graduate and as a new hire for a major Canadian consulting group. Forest’s experience of learning how to make the most of an eight-hour work day proves to be very applicable today.

Career Agility Need

Format: Blog

In times of transition, career agility is a key strength that we may draw upon. Career Agility itself refers to “the quality of career readiness, of being hopeful, optimistic, flexible, resilient and creative in your career development process. It means you can effectively navigate the wide range of positive and negative experiences we encounter at work on a daily basis.”

This career blog post highlights our Career Agility program and provides tips on how to foster career agility. Career agility as a concept has been integrated into many aspects of the alumni UBC Career Development portfolio and this article serves as a great introduction and first step.

alumni UBC Online Book Club

Format: Book Club

Lastly, what better way to escape and learn at the same time by joining our Online Book Club. Our next book club will start on May 28th. Connect with over 1,5000 alumni who are already participating. This summer, we’re offering a “Choose Your Own Adventure” reading series, so you can select from a range of options, or indulge in them all.

alumni UBC is here to support you during this time of transition from student to alumni. Celebrate this accomplishment by diving into any of our selections and joining the online conversation.

During this current time of transition and ambiguity, referring to these resources may allow you to further strengthen and expand your professional skills. Let us know what resources you are finding helpful by tweeting us @alumniubccareer.