Inclusive Hiring: Autism and neurodiversity in the workplace, featuring Karen Bopp, BA’92, MSc’95, PhD’06

It is estimated that Canada will experience a labour shortage of close to 2 million workers by 2031 (Miner, 2014). One way for employers to address this issue is to look for growth opportunities among groups who have historically been under-represented in the work force such as the untapped talent pool of persons with disabilities.

This webinar, featuring Karen Bopp, BA’92, MSc’95, PhD’06, will provide an introduction to inclusion in the workplace. The business case for inclusive hiring, and the benefits of hiring persons with autism spectrum disorder (ASD) and related neurodiversities will be reviewed. A brief overview of the characteristics of ASD in the workplace will be summarized and myths and stereotypes will be challenged.

Webinar participants will be introduced to common adjustment/accommodation strategies to human resource processes (e.g., recruitment; onboarding; day-to day management and performance feedback) and will be provided with helpful resources to dig deeper into these topics.

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