Tips to land a new job virtually

Tips to land a new job virtually

As the long-term economic impacts of Covid-19 are still uncertain, job-seekers face a particularly challenging road ahead. Despite these challenges, opportunities still exist for those who are able to adapt their job search to this new digital environment.

In many ways, successfully adapting your job search requires the same skills that lead to career success in this virtual environment – ability to build connections, creative problem solving, and resilience. These traits, when applied to a strategic job search, can yield great results even in challenging times.

First, keep an open and positive mindset. Remember everyone is still adapting to change and managing competing priorities. Creativity and patience will go a long way in getting closer to your new career.

Next focus on these three areas:


Start by focusing on the network you have already developed and work to build community by taking the time to reconnect with former employers, colleagues or classmates. Professional associations are also a great place to build relationships and open new doors. Be bold in this venture, reconnecting with your community can lead to new opportunities.

As you look to start growing your network, be specific and intentional on where you want to expand your connections. Researching your desired industry or companies will give you a focused approach and allow you to purposefully pursue connections.

As we have lost many opportunities to build new connections face-to-face, virtual networking events focused on your targeted industry can offer a fruitful opportunity to meet people outside the reach of your current network.

And remember – you wouldn’t go up to a stranger in person and ask them to give you a job or introduce you to someone in their network. Don’t try doing that online either!

Job search

For most, searching for jobs online is not new. Still many job seekers are not leveraging available tools to help them maximize their visibility to potential employers.

LinkedIn can be a powerful tool for those seeking a new role. The #OpenToWork feature allows you to let recruiters know you are available for a new opportunity. In addition, updating your headline to include key words related to your desired position will allow you to focus LinkedIn’s algorithm and ensure your receiving valuable job suggestions.

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As many roles are currently virtual, come to an interview prepared to speak to your skillsets in the context of the current environment. If you are looking for your first job or pivoting to a new industry, it is also useful to think about how to showcase transferrable skills you have gained through previous work, studies or volunteer roles.

When preparing for an interview, think about examples of how you have excelled in the following circumstances.

  • Collaborated or lead in a remote environment
  • Worked independently
  • Adapted to change
  • Adopted new technology

Although Zoom culture has made many parts of work life more casual, it is still important to ensure you are presenting a polished and professional image when interviewing. Plan your environment for a virtual interview and ensure you have a quiet space with a simple and clean background behind you. Using real background is preferable to a virtual one as they can often be distracting for those you’re meeting with.

During a video interview, some body language can be distracting. As you prepare for your interview, monitor your body language while answering practice questions and consider the following recommendations: consider your posture, a warm smile and eye contact, all the things you would normally pay attention to in an in-person interview.

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