UBC President’s Pandemic Recovery Initiative

The effects of the COVID-19 global pandemic have been immediate and far-reaching—but together we can support each other and quickly adapt to rapidly changing circumstances.

Please join others in the UBC community as we face this immense challenge head on by contributing to one of the following two opportunities if you can. With your help, we can get through this—together.

About This Project

As a world-leading research university with a deep commitment to our students, we find ourselves in a position of strength to meet the challenges brought on by the pandemic. UBC is responding to the situation by creating the UBC President’s Pandemic Recovery Initiative, which encompasses funds to provide emergency relief for students and accelerate advanced research.


Help provide emergency relief for UBC students:

Many students continue to face financial difficulties that they could never have anticipated. Students, like many others, are looking at situations such as loss of part-time jobs, adjusting home resources to accommodate online learning, and unplanned trips home. In April 2020, UBC’s student societies (AMS, UBCSUO & GSS) recognized the immense need and committed $2million to this fund. But, the need continues to grow. These student emergency funds are available to both domestic and international students at the undergraduate and graduate level. As students deal with this complex situation, you can relieve them of financial pressures and help them better cope with adversity—now and in the future.

Support UBC Vancouver Students

Support UBC Okanagan Students

Help accelerate research:

As new variants of the coronavirus continue to sweep the globe, UBC is mobilizing its best minds and connecting with partners to develop treatments, prevent COVID-19’s spread, and gain a deeper understanding of the virus’ immediate and long-term impacts.

To accelerate urgently needed breakthroughs in the COVID-19 pandemic crisis, UBC has created 2 funds that will allow for quick identification and investment in high-impact research that will accelerate the race to find treatments, predict and mitigate further outbreaks, prepare for similar future emergencies, and address the complex economic, societal, and environmental effects of the pandemic. Today, researchers are working against the clock to answer questions like: How is the pandemic affecting mental health? How can people safely go back to work? What is the environmental impact of reduced human activity?

Help with ongoing medical research and prepare for the future

Help create a broad societal and human impact


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