Aisha Tejani, BCom’08

Aisha Tejani, BCom’08

Aisha Tejani, BCom08 is a WorkBC Employment Coach for the YMCA. She helps people with barriers find work that is meaningful and sustainable. Find out how Aisha is mindful about her goal-setting objectives for the year and how reflecting on the past helps her plan for the future.

Do you have a practice of goal-setting? If so, what methods do you use to keep on track with achieving your desired outcomes at work?

I practice personal goal setting using notes on my iPhone. I have headings for 6 different aspects of my life: spirituality, self-development/fun, work, fitness/health, relationships and giving back. Under each heading I write one goal I want to achieve for that month for each sector of my life. I then revisit this page every day.

At work, I have goals set for me by management that I track using an excel spreadsheet.

How are you mindful and intentional about your goal-setting for 2020?

Goal setting is very important to me so that I can achieve my goals and celebrate how much I have accomplished. If I am lacking motivation or having a challenging day, I find it really helpful to look at a date on my phone calendar a year ago, and see how much I have achieved since that day.

Do you make a New Year’s resolution? If so, how do you stay on track to ensure you keep it?

No I don't make a new year's resolution. I make resolutions whenever it feels right. I ensure I keep resolutions by tracking them in my notes page on my iPhone.

What does leadership mean to you?

Leadership to me means helping people uncover the potential that’s already within them.

What lesson have you learned from a leader you admire?

To be present no matter how busy I am.

What ways do you demonstrate leadership?

By providing support, connection and empathy.