Serena Lusk, BHK’97

Serena Lusk, BHK’97

Serena Lusk, BHK’97 currently works as General Manager of Community Services for the City of Richmond. Serena shares her experience transitioning from school to the workplace and the useful skills she has gained in her "unplanned" career.

Tell us about your role

I lead one of five divisions in the City, which is Community Services. This includes Parks, Sport, Recreation, Arts, Culture, Heritage, and Social Development.

What was your first role after graduation?

Administrative Manager

What skill did you learn in your very first job after graduation that you are still using to this day?

Commitment & Focus – The organization I joined had previous financial difficulties. We committed to ensuring that these difficulties would not occur again, so we counted every penny and office supply used. It was tiring at times to be so focused on that one outcome, but it served us well and ensured the organization could thrive and survive.

What techniques did you use to address career ambiguity?

I have had an ‘unplanned’ career. I cannot say that I could ever have given anyone my 5-year career plan. However, I have generally done a good job of recognizing good opportunities when they have come along and then ‘going for it’ even if it meant changing direction slightly or trying something new.

What advice do you have for the class of 2020?

Be flexible in your career and do a good job of the job you’ve got. The next opportunity will present itself to you when the time is right and you will be ready.