Managing Up, Down and Across: How to Navigate the Workplace with Courage

The workplace is a web of complexities, with the push and pull of projects, deadlines, and relationships. Here we sometimes find ourselves lost and overwhelmed, not knowing how to navigate it all. Yet even in complex situations, there is a magical confluence where you can succeed. All it takes is the alignment of your values, skills, and a splash of courage. This webinar will explore ways to be resilient and navigate the workplace, its relationships, and tricky situations so that you can manage people and situations up, down, and across.

About the Speaker

Magdalena Blasiak, BA'99, is a UBC alumna, Certified Leadership Coach, Project Management Professional, owner of Shine Forward Consulting, and the current Manager, Alumni Careers Education with alumni UBC. Magdalena works with organizations in the areas of talent development, capacity building, and project performance and helps individuals and teams navigate through uncertain times.

Over her career, she’s managed projects and teams both large and small in the arenas of corporate and non-profit management. She believes in the wholehearted approach to leadership; where collaboration, communication and transparency cultivate compassion and a strength-based organization.

She is passionate about travel, her family and culinary adventures. She is a lifelong learner, with a BA in Family Studies from the University of British Columbia, a Graduate Certificate in Project Management from Royal Roads and a Leadership Coaching Certification from Essential Impact.

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