MEDtalks - The Nature of Mental Health During the COVID-19 Public Health Crisis

When physical distancing was first put in place, the main goal was to save lives and to keep our population healthy. As the pandemic continued, our mental health was thrust into the spotlight as our typical supports were either no longer available or were harder to access. There are new pressures faced by people who already experience mental health issues too. As the pandemic continues, this webinar will address these important questions:

  • How does our new normal affect our mental health?

  • How has COVID-19 changed the way we view mental health and our treatment of it?

  • Are mental health concerns greater in specific populations? How are medical professionals dealing with their mental health at work?

Presented in partnership with the UBC Faculty of Arts, Faculty of Dentistry, Faculty of Medicine, and Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences.

Recorded August 12, 2020.


Kathryn Gretsinger, MJ’06 – Associate Professor of Teaching, UBC School of Journalism, Writing & Media; Journalist; Senior Faculty Advisor to the UBC President; Director, Global Reporting Centre


Adil Virani, BSc(Pharm)’92, PharmD’97 – Manager, Lower Mainland Pharmacy Services; Clinical Associate Professor, UBC Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences
Leeann Donnelly, BDSc’02, MSc’05, PhD’12 – Associate Professor, UBC Faculty of Dentistry
Steven Taylor, PhD’91 – Professor & Clinical Psychologist, UBC Faculty of Medicine

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