Tackling COVID-19: Global collaborations in therapeutic drug trials and vaccine development

It’s an unusual time in the world of medical and pharmaceutical research. The slow, methodical work that is typically conducted out of view by researchers in labs around the world has been driven into the spotlight by a worldwide need for hope. The hope for effective treatments, vaccines, and a return to “normal” is coming from many different directions. The World Health Organization Solidarity Trial, a multi-national collaboration, is running clinical trials in an effort to determine which drugs are effective in treating the symptoms of COVID-19. At the same time, work is also underway towards identifying potential vaccines. Hear from UBC experts from the Faculty of Medicine and Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences as they explain the process and timelines of developing and testing therapeutic drugs and vaccines for COVID-19, and learn why a global approach is so important. Moderated by Mary Lynn Young, Associate Professor, UBC School of Journalism; Co-Founder, The Conversation Canada.

This is the fifth webinar in our COVID-19 series.

UBC Experts

Dr. Fawziah Lalji, BSc’90, PharmD’94 – Professor, UBC Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences; Tong Louie Chair in Pharmaceutical Sciences
Dr. Srinivas Murthy, MHSc’16 – Clinical Associate Professor, UBC Department of Pediatrics; Infectious Disease Specialist and Investigator at BC Children’s Hospital

Recorded May 20, 2020.

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