UBC-led study gives hope for COVID-19 treatment

Scientists around the world, including Canada, are working tirelessly on the development and testing of new treatments and vaccines to help contain the current outbreak of COVID-19. Among them is UBC’s Dr. Josef Penninger. He is the senior scientist leading an international research team that has found a trial drug which effectively blocks the cellular door that the novel coronavirus uses to infect its hosts. The team’s findings hold promise for a treatment capable of stopping early infection of COVID-19.

On April 8, 2020, Dr. Penninger participated in our second COVID-19 webinar and shared insights into this cutting-edge research and the hope it offers in the global fight against the virus. The conversation was moderated by Mary Lynn Young, Associate Professor, UBC School of Journalism; Co-Founder, The Conversation Canada.

UBC Expert

Dr. Josef Penninger – Director, Life Sciences Institute; Professor and Canada 150 Research Chair in Functional Genetics, UBC Faculty of Medicine

Recorded April 8, 2020.

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