Dele Oyelese


Dele Oyelese

alumni UBC’s afterwords is a digital conversation series that shares the stories of some of UBC Okanagan’s extraordinary alumni.

Meet Dele Oyelese


1. What education did you receive at UBC?

Bachelors of Applied Science in Electrical Engineering in 2018.

2. What do you think makes UBC Okanagan great?

The people! Although it is intimidating being a student and starting university, I always felt welcome by the staff, faculty, and students at UBCO. The community is centered around helping each other and you just need to reach out and ask.

3. Were you a Heat (Laker) and what was your involvement with Heat (Laker) Athletics?

Yes, I competed for the Men's Rugby Team.

4. What is your favorite Heat (Laker) memory?

I really enjoyed traveling to away games with my teammates.

5. How did you find balance between your athletic commitments and your studies?

I found balance by embracing the athletic community as my social network. The support of my teammates, the athletic staff, and professors made balancing school and life quite manageable.

6. If you could start university again, would you do anything differently?

I would be involved in as many extra-curricular activities as possible and probably take an extra year to enjoy the process.

7. What was your first official job after graduation?

I was the Quality Control Coordinator at Rainy River Gold mine.

8. What is the best part of your current job?

The best part about my current job as a Facilitator for Courage for Youth is interacting with the students and watching them build emotional skills for their futures.

9. What are some of the challenges you have faced in your career?

One of the challenges I faced was making sure that I was honest with myself about my career and personal goals aligning.

10. What would you like to share with current students who will be graduating in the coming year and have concerns with the current work climate?

Continue to network to your strengths and try to get involved in activities that interest you. Your next opportunity may come from an unexpected place when people see that you are passionate about what you do.

11. What's the best advice you can give to help plan a career?

It is important to try new things and roles. You never know what might fit you best and where your next opportunity may lie.

12. Do you have a mentor? How have they influenced you?

I have had many mentors throughout my life. They have helped make sure that I am continually learning and growing.

13. What is something you continually find yourself saying?

I am grateful for my friends, family, and the place I live. Whenever things are not going so well, I remember how blessed I am to live in such an amazing place as Kelowna.

14. How do you balance your work and home life?

I always make sure to check in with my priorities and communicate them to those around me. It is important to have good communication with your employer and the people in your life. Most people will respect your work and home life balance if they know what you expect.

15. Where do you volunteer or how do you give back to your community?

I volunteer at the Central Okanagan Food Bank, the Adaptive Sailing Association, the Okanagan Tree Fruit Project, and November Project Kelowna.

16. Do you have any books that you would suggest are a must read?

For career building: How to Win Friends and Influence People by Dale Carnegie and Thinking Fast and Slow by Daniel Kahneman. Some of my personal favorites are: The Dispossessed by Ursula K. Le Guin, Born a Crime by Trevor Noah, and Red Rising by Pierce Brown.

17. Who is one UBC Okanagan alum you would like to nominate for afterwords?

Dallon Stoddart