APOLLO 11: Quarantine

APOLLO 11: Quarantine

On their return from the Moon, Apollo 11 astronauts quarantined for more than two weeks

Carpentier, who can just be made out in the background, joined Armstrong, Aldrin and Collins for the duration of their quarantine in a converted Airstream trailer. Photo: Don Blair

Todd Douglas Miller’s new Imax movie focuses on the recovery of the Apollo 11 astronauts after their splashdown in the Pacific Ocean, and their subsequent days in quarantine. The movie, containing original footage, screened this month on CNN and is available on streaming platforms.

UBC alum William Carpentier, MD’61, doesn’t need to watch the movie, because he was right there with the astronauts for more than two weeks. As flight surgeon for the mission, he was responsible for their care, taking scientific measurements, and checking for any biological contaminants that might have been transported back to Earth from space. Read his story here.

Signed book up for grabs!

Anyone who is curious to learn more about the recovery and quarantine of the Apollo 11 Crew will find lots of fascinating material in the 2009 book Hornet Plus Three by Bob Fish. TREK has a copy signed by the author to give away to the first UBC alum to email in their answer to the following question:

Bill Carpentier says that lunar dust smells like a combination of which two things?

Email your answers to trek.magazine@ubc.ca, with the subject line Apollo 11.