Primates, playwrights, and pantaloons

1. UBC Thunderbirds alumni won two medals in which sport at the Tokyo Olympics?

A) Rugby

B) Swimming

C) Rowing

D) Gymnastics


2. Which artifact is not located in the Museum of Anthropology?

A) Neanderthal stone tools

B) A 1922 letter from the Dalai Lama

C) A mirror dating to the Han dynasty

D) Nigerian chess pieces


3. Which strange book can be found in the Rare Books and Special Collections section of the UBC Library?

A) Shakespeare’s collected works annotated by Milton

B) A rare translation of the Bible in which Adam and Eve’s clothes are described as “breeches”

C) A collection of Jean-Jacques Rousseau’s writings scribbled with Voltaire’s angry notes

D) A rare version of the Bible in which the sixth commandment mistakenly reads “thou shalt commit adultery


4. The UBC Library houses a collection from which famous Vancouver location?

A) Vinyls from Red Cat Records

B) Movies from Videomatica

C) Illustrated books from McLeod’s Books

D) Film from the Ridge Theatre


5. A skeleton of which animal in the Beaty Biodiversity Museum is visible through the windows facing Main Mall?

A) An orca

B) A mammoth

C) An albatross

D) A blue whale


6. Which writer was named a Distinguished Writer-in-Residence at UBC in 1980?

A) Margaret Atwood

B) Phillip Roth

C) Tennessee Williams

D) Pierre Berton


1: C) Rowing

Hillary Janssens won a bronze medal in women’s pairs and Kristen Kit won gold with the women’s Eight team.

2: A) Neanderthal stone tools

These are located in the Beaty Biodiversity Museum’s fossil collection.

3: B) Breeches Bible

The verse reads, “then the eyes of them both were opened, and they knew that they were naked, and they sewed figge leaves together, and made themselves breeches.”

4: B) Videomatica

Three years after the beloved Kitsilano movie-rental store closed in 2011, the UBC Library acquired its extensive collection of films, valued at $1.7 million. The collection is open to all library users.

5: D) Blue whale

In the whole world, there are only 21 restored blue whale skeletons available for public viewing. UBC’s blue whale, initially buried in Prince Edward Island before it was moved to campus, is visible to students as they walk to class on Main Mall.

6: C) Tennessee Williams

The great American playwright lived in Vancouver for some time and gave creative writing seminars to UBC students.