Give students the skills they need to thrive in an uncertain future

Developing practical coping skills and mental health strategies will help students create a positive approach to life and learning.

In extraordinary times like these, UBC students need your help more than ever.

Give a gift to support the wellbeing of students today. Together we can build a caring community for students that address all aspects of wellbeing, from food security to mental health awareness and financial assistance.

At UBC, we recognize the foundational importance of wellbeing to the success of our students.

We want to support every student to achieve their full potential and reach their goals in learning, working, and research by making wellbeing a priority that guides our daily actions.

You can help students through this critical time by contributing today to the UBC Student Wellbeing Fund or the UBCO Student Health and Wellness Fund.

You can make a real difference today and give students what they need to succeed — both now and in the future.

Your support makes a difference

The Student Wellbeing Fund helps to provide the foundations for a holistic approach to wellbeing, and sets students up for success both now and in the future by funding projects like:

Harm Reduction & Recovery Ally Training

The Student Recovery Community (SRC) has successfully developed a peer support network and recovery programming, filling a significant gap in on-campus mental health support. In an effort to expand awareness and campus-wide support for students in or seeking recovery, the SRC is developing online Harm Reduction & Recovery Ally Training. The SRC is focusing on allyship because it has been consistently named one of the most effective tools in enhancing a sense of wellbeing, safety, and inclusion for students in recovery.

The Harm Reduction & Recovery Ally Training will be made widely available to UBC students, faculty, and staff, and will provide an empowering overview of substance use disorders, process addiction, harm reduction, and recovery, further enabling those who attend to incorporate harm reduction and recovery allyship into their daily lives and interactions.

QPR Booklet Bulk Purchase

QPR Suicide Prevention Training is an internationally recognized suicide intervention program designed to support individuals engage in conversations with someone having thoughts of suicide. UBC offers QPR Training for students, staff, and faculty to help them recognize suicide warning signs, approach someone who may be at risk, persuade the person to seek appropriate health services, and connect the person to resources that will help resolve crises.

Mental Health Help-Seeking Media

Post-secondary students often face multiple barriers to accessing mental health support services and resources, including lack of service promotion, stigma, time constraints, and poor mental health literacy.

We wish to develop a short video that highlights the value of seeking help to bolster one’s mental health. This video can be widely dispersed and embedded in online teaching tools, will support service promotion and student learning, and contribute to building mental health literacy for the UBC community.

Digital Meal Donation Program

Currently, food-insecure students can access the food bank for emergency food relief on the Vancouver campus. However, there are numerous barriers in accessing support, including stigma, lack of self-determination, lack of quality and healthy food, and limited hours of operation.

We wish to develop a digital meal donation program to help address these barriers by creating a confidential and non-stigmatizing source of support for food-insecure students. Funds given via unused meal plan money, payroll deductions from staff and faculty, and fundraising and donations would be distributed to students (with demonstrated need) on their UBCcard. Eligible students can use the meal dollars at qualifying campus food service locations. Participating in the program would be discrete — students participating are not identified when using their meal dollars.

Make a gift today

These are just some of the many initiatives being undertaken as part of UBC’s Wellbeing Strategic Framework. Through programs such as these and many others, we can help to develop a caring community and improve resiliency and coping skills.

Please, make a gift today, and you’ll help students develop the abilities and readiness they’ll need to succeed, live well, and rise to any occasion.

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