How to take charge of your time and energy

How did we get here? While the pandemic is preventing us from participating in many of our favourite activities, one would imagine that we would have more free time; yet we are feeling overworked and physically, emotionally and mentally exhausted. In a time when so many things are out of our control, there are some things that we can take charge of that will free up some mental space and conserve some energy.

We have been required to react and respond to the many changes that are happening around without considering the consequences of our actions. In this webinar, hosted by Workplace Learning Professional Catharine Chang, you'll learn how to stop and assess how you are approaching your work and be introduced to a range of practical strategies to tackle some common barriers to getting your work done.

You'll gain an increased awareness of your thinking and your actions that will help you identify causes that prevent you from getting your work done, assess your situation and your motivation to change, and determine which strategies to apply to your situation.

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Recorded July 7, 2021.