Managing Anxiety with Mindfulness

Has your mental health suffered during the pandemic? Many of us have been adversely impacted by the pandemic–our routines and supports have been pulled out from beneath us. With such stress and uncertainty, people’s anxiety has increased. Mindfulness practices can help us to cope to make things easier (but not necessarily easy). A couple of mindful breaths can be the difference between regulating our experience and being overwhelmed with work and life.

In this webinar, we will explore the concept of anxiety, what it is and how it shows up, so that participants are better able to identify it. In short, anxiety takes us up into our heads and out of our body and our feelings. Next, we will explore the concept of mindfulness and how it is not merely about working with thoughts. By being more present and aware of your thoughts and connected to your body, one can better manage work, relationships, and the stress of the pandemic.

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Christian Monks, MA’07 is a Registered Clinical Counsellor and a Registered Art Therapist who has a private practice, Christian Monks Counselling in Vancouver.

Recorded February 9, 2021.