Rethinking Conflict with Debate

Could you imagine a work environment where you could freely share ideas, collaborate, and spar intellectually? Where difficult conversations become healthy debates?

Listen as we explore the transformative impact of debate in professional environments where fostering the rigorous exchange of ideas and unlocking the full potential of collaborating minds to optimize problem-solving tasks is the new normal.

This webinar will explore common barriers or hesitations that individuals and organizations encounter in having productive discourse around the boardroom table. It will offer strategies for establishing a culture that maximizes participation, ideation and scrupulous due diligence without compromising on unity, respect and efficiency. With such a culture in place, specific skillsets in conflict management, logical reasoning and presentability can be leveraged to improve the efficacy of collaboration sessions. For too long, debate has been represented as adversarial, competitive, or confrontational by nature. This webinar will examine how the debating process can be shifted and instead used as a tool to win hearts and minds as a collective.

Did you graduate from UBC?

Recorded March 31, 2021.

About the Speaker

Antonio Balogh, BCom’19

Antonio Balogh is the Co-founder and Managing Director at PresentPro Presentation Skills Consultants Inc. He is a UBC alum upon graduating in 2019 with honours from the Bachelor of Commerce program, specializing in Finance and minoring in Economics.

Antonio began in the competitive debate arena during high school, where his successes at the national stage and personal relationships evolved into prominent coaching roles and later incorporating a consulting firm with long-time colleagues and fellow UBC alumni, Tim Wong and Adam Cicek, during their undergraduate years. Antonio held positions in the finance sector before committing full-time to the PresentPro project, as he and his fellow co-founders work to bring its platform to a global network of educational institutions, businesses, and private clients.

During his spare time, he enjoys participating in and following sports, discussing current events, and reading and writing. In November 2020, he authored and published a book on day-to-day logical reasoning skills as a part of PresentPro’s growing content collection.