What’s your cause? Show the world on UBC Giving Day

Donors have an impact at UBC every day — and on April 6 we can do even more! Make the most out of your 24 hours by supporting a cause you care about on the second-annual UBC Giving Day.

UBC Giving Day is all about people who care about others and ideas that help to shape a better world. Join donors, alumni, faculty, staff, and friends in celebrating the power of community and what makes us strong.

With over 50 causes to choose from across our Vancouver and Okanagan campuses, UBC Giving Day offers something for everyone. From removing financial barriers to offering unique learning experiences, and supporting important community and research projects, your gift can make a big difference.

But to make this a reality, we need your support on April 6!

The power of giving

Even during a pandemic, UBC has demonstrated that it is stronger, together. At our first-ever university-wide Giving Day in 2021, over 2,000 donors helped raise more than $500,000 in only 24 hours — an incredible achievement.

We asked UBC students what Giving Day meant to them, and here’s what they said:

“It is empowering to know that so many people are willing to support the academic success and livelihoods of people like myself! The people that make up the UBC community have an incredible reputation of giving back, and UBC Giving Day really speaks to these individuals’ kindness and compassion.”

“Through the support of the UBC community, students like me have been able to participate in research and experiential learning, and have been able to find meaningful ways to shape our journey. Without support from donors, my UBC experience would not have been what it is today! UBC Giving Day unites us as a community and reminds us all of the power of giving.”

Get inspired, get involved

More than ever, your generosity, encouragement, and support for today’s students are so important.

Whether you give $10, $100, $1,000, or even more, every gift is meaningful — more so when we make them together. To amplify your donation, challenges throughout the day will help unlock bonus funds, making it easier, quicker, and more fun to raise money. Challenges also help to make your gift go even further in supporting your favourite cause.

Our goal this year is to bring together 3,000 participants to help make UBC Giving Day an even bigger success. We invite you to:

  • GIVE – Donate on April 6 to the UBC Giving Day cause you care about most.
  • SHARE – Help share #UBCGivingDay with your community. Spread the word to your family and friends and across your social networks, and inspire them to give and to keep the message going.
  • SIGN UP – Become a 2022 UBC Giving Day Ambassador and we’ll send a toolkit of resources to promote Giving Day straight to your inbox. The first 100 people to sign up will receive a UBC Giving Day tote bag.

Learn more about UBC Giving Day — and let’s make a difference together!