Blurred health care worker with patient on gurney in hall near hospital elevator

The pandemic has exacerbated high levels of errors and mistreatment in health care.

Golfer hitting ball on golf course at competition

In sportwashing, sports are used to distract from social or environmental problems.

Stack of chocolate cookies on a plate, with peanuts and crumbs beside it

The earlier that pre-schoolers start this treatment, the better.

Vehicle drives along highway surrounded by smoke from forest fire

Here’s how families and communities can prepare for more extreme wildfire seasons.

Leanne Rachid at the Dubai Miracle Garden, with lots of flowers in bloom in the background

Explore Dubai from the perspective of UBC alum Leanne Rachid (BA'18).

Scientist in protective body suit tests wastewater at outdoor treatment facility

Wastewater surveillance involves testing sewage to obtain data about population health.

Liz Ranney holding her painting.

alumni UBC’s afterwords is a digital conversation series that shares the stories of some of UBC...

Grizzly bear walks on a logging road in B.C. forest

Researchers have created the first global map of animal movement between protected areas.

Fingers typing on a keyboard with emojis popping up

Social proximity plays a role in how consumers respond to negative reviews.

Women in red robes and white bonnets pray on steps in The Handmaid's Tale

Writers have explored how abortion becomes entangled with how we shape the future.