Two people shine flashlights onto a white background overlaid with colourful double helixes.
How CRISPR gene-editing technology is changing the future of health sciences.
Woman running on a trail in the forest
How I outwitted inertia and learned to (mostly) like working out.
Headshot of Santa J. Ono smiling.
UBC President and Vice-Chancellor Santa J. Ono
Headshot of Alviss Luu
alumni UBC’s afterwords is a digital conversation series that shares the stories of some of UBC...
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COVID-19 has changed the world of work. Here's how you can still work toward your career goals.
People walking down a hallway. Graphics with copy overlaid over image, with statements like "Are you okay?" and "What's going on?"
You can do more than you might think.
Student in graduation gown at an outdoor celebration with 2021 sign in background
Our newest alumni share their graduation experiences and tips for creating lasting memories.
Student in cap and gown at home, looking at laptop
COVID-safe ways to commemorate and celebrate your accomplishments — because you deserve to!
Three students walking outside on UBC Vancouver campus.
UBC students find ways to tackle global issues despite the COVID-19 pandemic.
Overhead shot of a person taking a lie detector test
Eventually, it becomes hard to distinguish between fact or fiction.