Woman walking in a treed area, looking at her exercise tracker

UBCO researchers say being active can help control an overactive immune system.

Inside spread of William Shakespeare's First Folio showing an illustration of the author

This extremely rare book was published in 1623, seven years after the playwright’s death.

Dr. Ngoc Tan Nguyen created a flexible, washable battery

UBC researchers have created what may be the first battery that is both flexible and washable.

Photo by Don Erhardt

On December 8, UBC unveiled a bold new climate action plan.

Illustration of planet and astronaut.

We shouldn’t have to make a choice between the night sky and global internet.

Dr. Peter Cullis smiling, in a lab.

The most widely used COVID vaccine relies on a novel drug delivery system developed at UBC.

Two people walking in the Museum of Anthropology.

Test your knowledge of the UBC Thunderbirds, Museum of Anthropology, UBC Library, and more.

Headshot of Martina Valkovicova.

Commit to learning every day.

Photo of Selina Chan.

Selina Chan is helping deliver critical supplies to a nation in crisis.

UBC archives image

“SHE MADE IT! ‘Canada’s Honeybun,’ marathon swimmer Carol Gregory, conquered the chilly waters...