Class of 1916

Some of UBC’s Class of 1916 at a party thought to have been held at the home of Clausen Thompson. (Photo: UBC Archives)
Back row: Jean Robinson, George Annable, Henry Gibson.
Next row: Lawrence Luckraft, Gladys Schwesinger, F. F. Burrows Sexsmith, Sherwood Lett, D. Hugh Munro, Thomas Shearman, Harold Walsh, Thomas Robertson, Charles Duncan, Edward Mulhern, Clausen Thompson.
Second row: Marjorie Dunton, Florence Chapin, Isabel MacMillan, Jean McLeod, B. Muriel Carruthers, A. Irene Vermilyea.
First row: C. Belle Elliott, Ella Cameron, Grace Miller, A. J. Nancy Dick, Mary Wilson, Jessie Anderson.


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