Computational Thinking for the 21st Century

UBC President and Vice-Chancellor Arvind Gupta, UBC Dean of Science Simon Peacock, industry panelists and founding Google investor David Cheriton, take a look at the promise of computational thinking and the challenges and opportunities involved in fulfilling its potential. Computational thinking has already begun to influence professions beyond computer science and engineering. Using concepts from computer science to solve problems and design systems is quickly becoming "the" soft skill of tomorrow.

Are we truly on the cusp of a future where the broader business world—and society—can leverage computational thinking to solve pressing problems? How will business ensure their talent pool is exposed to this fundamental way of framing problems? Can universities embrace the challenge of teaching computational thinking to diverse student populations?


David Cheriton, BSc'73 - Stanford University
Monica Lam, BSc'80 - Stanford University
Geng Lin, PhD'93 - Google

Recorded June 15, 2015, at Googleplex in Mountain View, CA.