Crosscurrents: The History of Trans-Pacific Migration, Presented by Prof. Henry Yu, BA'89

Over the last 50 years, migrations between Hong Kong and Canada have transformed cities such as Toronto and Vancouver. Significant changes in real estate, business, philanthropy, and education, as well as cultural transformations in language, popular media, and mass consumption have reshaped societies on both sides of the Pacific.

Dr. Henry Yu, BA’89, executive team member for the Hong Kong Canada Crosscurrents Project, specializes in the study of trans-Pacific migration and settlement. On this recording, he presents on how the migration of people, goods, and ideas across the Pacific has created a complex crosscurrent of dense and sometimes surprising connections. He also discusses the role of the Cantonese language in shaping linkages between Hong Kong and Canada, and how the resurgence of Cantonese popular culture and music has been a formative element in youth identities.

This presentation was recorded June 12, 2015, in Hong Kong.


Henry Yu, BA’89, Associate Professor, UBC Department of History, Principal of St. John’s College, UBC