Eradicating child poverty in BC: Where do we begin?

BC’s child poverty rate is the highest in Canada with close to 1 in 5 children living below the poverty line. For single-parent households, it’s nearly 1 in 2. Research suggests that children who have all of their basic needs met from an early age live longer, healthier, and more productive lives, while children brought up in poverty are more likely to be marginalized in adulthood. But there are no easy answers to address this inequality. A higher minimum wage, greater government support, and improved access to affordable housing, childcare, and education have all been cited as part of a possible solution. While something needs to be done, it isn’t clear which policy changes would have the greatest impact. What does child poverty mean for our society? Why are so many of our children being left behind? And what will it take for BC to develop and implement a comprehensive poverty reduction strategy?

This episode was recorded on March 25, 2015 in Vancouver, BC.


Margaret Gallagher – Host, CBC Radio One’s Hot Air


Kris Archie – Project Manager, Youth Homelessness Initiative, Vancouver Foundation
Janet Austin – Chief Executive Officer, YWCA Metro Vancouver
Kevin Milligan – Associate Professor of Economics, Vancouver School of Economics, UBC
Adrienne Montani – Provincial Coordinator, First Call: BC Child and Youth Advocacy Coalition