Happy Ever After? How Marriage Impacts Our Health and Happiness

Today, like never before, we have choices around marriage—not just in whether or not we will get married but we are freer to have the types of marriages we want. But as the framework of modern relationships changes, who benefits? Four UBC academics converge to tackle these questions from every angle: What are the social costs of marriage? Has it lost its significance in our culture? And is it an unfair privilege for monogamous couples only? Four brief talks followed by a panel discussion.

Presented by the UBC Women’s Health Research Cluster and UBC Faculty of Arts.


Dr. Marina Adshade – Faculty Member, Vancouver School of Economics
Dr. Yue Qian – Assistant Professor, Department of Sociology
Mandy Len Catron – Adjunct Professor, Creative Writing Program
Dr. Carrie Jenkins – Professor, Department of Philosophy

Recorded October 25, 2019, at UBC Robson Square in Vancouver, BC.