How can we become a more united and inclusive community?

The North Shore, like other Lower Mainland communities, attracts people from all over the world. In recent decades, significant Chinese, South Asian, Persian and Filipino populations have settled in the area, with many forming cultural communities alongside what previously existed. Although challenges occasionally arise, the resulting cultural mosaic has led to opportunities that don’t exist in other communities. How can we use our cultural differences as a pillar of strength for the broader community? Do current government policies, civil society activities, and societal attitudes contribute to a feeling of unity, or create unnecessary divisions? How can we make the most of our cultural richness?

This event took place February 26, 2014, at the Kay Meek Centre in West Vancouver.


Mark Forsythe – Host, CBC’s B.C. Almanac


Alden Habacon – Director, Intercultural Understanding Strategy Development, UBC
Dan Hiebert – Professor, UBC Department of Geography; Faculty Associate, Liu Institute for Global Issues
Lidia Kemeny - Director, Vancouver Foundation
Jian Pablico – Facilitator, Youth Programmer and Coach
Anita Parhar, PhD’10 – Honorary Lecturer, UBC Faculty of Medicine; Sessional Instructor, UBC Faculty of Education; Co-host, Pearls for Success