Industry Night: Careers in Video Gaming

Did you know that the Canadian video gaming industry in Canada has grown by over 20% since 2017? There are almost 700 gaming studios producing games of all varieties in Canada today, and of those, over 80% of those are in BC, Ontario and Quebec.

This industry supports over 48,000 full time roles in the country, which tells us there is a huge opportunity not just in work directly related to game development, but in non-technical roles as well. But with rumors of the feared “100 hour work week”, and deadline after deadline, is working in gaming all is it cracked up to be? Come find out as we discuss the good, the bad, and the unexpected at Industry Nights: Careers in Video Gaming.


Christi Rae – Director of Production – Microsoft (Coalition)


Rose Gunson – Esports Creative Program Manager (Gears of War), Microsoft
Heidi Eaves – COO, Relic Entertainment
Tim Holloway – Director, Esports – Aquilini Entertainment
Dominic Gross – General Manager at Nintendo of Canada

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