Is China becoming the new digital superpower?

As a result of government control over communications technology in China, a tech industry has emerged within China's regulatory framework. WeChat, Weibo, Alibaba and Baidu are becoming global giants in the social media and e-commerce worlds, rivaling the dominant leaders in the West. As these Chinese tech communications companies start to look outwards from China's borders and onto the global stage, are they on a collision course with the likes of Facebook, Twitter, Amazon and Google? Will the Chinese upstarts overtake the established leaders, or will language and privacy concerns inhibit mainstream acceptance? Is Hong Kong in a unique position to bridge the gap between these two worlds?

This event took place October 6, 2014, in Hong Kong


Francis Pun, BASc'94 – Head of Innovation, TE Information Solutions, TE Connectivity


Ying Chan – Director and Professor, Journalism and Media Studies Centre, The University of Hong Kong; 2014 Canwest Visiting Professor, UBC Graduate School of Journalism
Winnie Cheng, BCom'04 – Assistant E-business Manager - Asia Division, Colgate Palmolive
Michelle Leung, BCom'96 – General Manager, Cross Border Trade, eBay Hong Kong