Is Economic Diversification the Key to Alberta’s Future?

For decades, Alberta’s fortunes have been closely tied to the global price of oil. With 15 per cent of the province’s employment being in the oil and gas sector and estimates that each of these jobs drives two indirect jobs, it is clear that when this sector is struggling, the entire economy feels the effects. In a world where fossil fuels are increasingly stigmatized and some are expensive to produce, should Alberta focus heavily on diversifying its economy in the months and years ahead? How can the province recover and find the opportunities in this transformation?


Tara Weber, BA’03 – Western Correspondent for BNN (Business News Network)


Patrick Daniel, MASc’70, Past President and CEO of Enbridge Inc.
Adam Legge, BCom’97, President and CEO, Calgary Chamber of Commerce
Mary Moran, President & Chief Executive Officer, Calgary Economic Development
Chris Perks, MBA’97, Managing Director & Head, Energy – Corporate Banking, CIBC

Recorded June 6, 2016, in Calgary, AB