Joy in the Summer: Traveling with Music

Traveling with Music, the discovery episode, wraps up the series on a high note — a dream surprise for five UBC students who sing with the UBC A Cappella. Superstar voice and performance coach, Tamara Beatty, who coaches for "The Voice," "My Kind of Country," "I Can See Your Voice" and "Masked Singer" offers them a private session. Before the big surprise, Associate Professor of Music Theory, Leigh Van Handel contextualizes three pieces of music presented in the Summer Series, while the podcast listener enters virtual rooms full of music: a Venetian sitting room for the classical music, an NYC jazz club for the jazz and the Chan Centre for the UBC A Cappella.

Joy in the Summer is our three-part podcast mini-series, telling stories of wine, adventure and music from the perspectives of UBC alumni, faculty members and students. Listen along as you enjoy the Summer Series activities or when you need a little escape from your day.