Joy in the Summer: Wonders of Wine

Wonders of Wine, the culinary segment, tells the story of wine, places Canadian and BC wines in a world context, visits a vineyard in the Okanagan, explains the connection between visual art and wine, and introduces the newfound world of virtual wine tasting. Wine writer, educator, presenter and total wine expert, UBC alumna DJ Kearny (BA'84) provides the backbone to this episode. A highlight — she divulges her three favourite wines (of the day). UBC Zoology professor Chris Harley joins Kearney. He describes what it’s like to attend a virtual wine tasting — having hosted neighbours in his garden for alumni UBC's first event of the Summer Series.

Joy in the Summer is our three-part podcast mini-series, telling stories of wine, adventure and music from the perspectives of UBC alumni, faculty members and students. Listen along as you enjoy the Summer Series activities or when you need a little escape from your day.