How can we make Kelowna a more culturally inclusive community?

Cultural diversity enriches a community in many ways. New business and learning opportunities emerge, organizations broaden the scope of their activities and services, and community members’ perspectives become more global. However, cultural inclusivity is not easy to achieve. Often, individuals’ experiences in the community, labour market, housing, and educational spaces, as well as their access to healthcare, vary depending on their cultural backgrounds. What steps do we need to take to make Kelowna more inclusive for a growing multicultural community?

Recorded March 15, 2018, in Kelowna, BC.


Sarah Penton - Host, CBC Radio One’s Radio West


Susana Caxaj - Assistant Professor, School of Nursing, Faculty of Health & Social Development, UBCO; Lead Investigator, Cross-Cultural Approaches for Health and Wellness (CAHW) lab, UBC
Katelin Mitchell - Immigrant Services & Operations Manager for KCR - Community Resources
Mohini Singh - City Councillor; Community Activist
Carlos Teixeira - Professor of Geography, Irving K. Barber School of Arts & Sciences, UBC Okanagan