Man up: How can we reshape ideas around masculinity in the 21st Century?

We can all identify the qualities that have traditionally defined masculinity. Of course there's strength, contribution, independence, and assertiveness, but also emotional detachment, dominance, and violence. These traits are so entrenched in our culture that they have become normalized. However, in light of the #MeToo movement and the increasing understanding of the influence patriarchy, rape culture, and toxic masculinity have on our societal norms, ideas around what it means to be "a man" have been questioned. What would a healthier and more respectful view of masculinity look like? What will it take to change attitudes and behaviours in the current generation and what steps do we need to take to ensure our children develop healthy ideas around masculinity?

Hear from our panel of UBC and community experts in the Okanagan as they discuss the changing societal views of masculinity in the 21st Century.

This UBC Dialogues program took place September 5, 2018, in Kelowna, BC.


Chris Walker - Host, CBC Radio's Daybreak South


Blye Frank - Dean, UBC Faculty of Education; Expert in Gender Studies, Masculinity and Men’s Health
Shilo St. Cyr - Director of Sexual Violence Prevention and Response Office, UBC Okanagan
Jake Stika - Executive Director, Next Gen Men