Master Mind Master Class with Homa Hoodfar

In March 2016, Canadian-Iranian academic Dr. Homa Hoodfar, best known for her research on the role of women in Muslim societies, was arrested in Tehran by Iran's Revolutionary Guards. She was accused publicly of "dabbling in feminism and security matters" related to the recent election, and in June, after her bail was increased, she was jailed in Tehran's Evin Prison. There she faced many long interrogation sessions, constant threats of lengthy jail sentences and psychological torture while suffering from deteriorating health. In late September, after months of campaigning and diplomatic maneuvering, she was finally released and returned to Canada.

Hear from Professor Hoodfar as she shares her story and discusses the reasons why academic freedom remains so important in modern society and why freedom of expression needs to be protected as a global right. The conversation was moderated by Dr. Kathryn Harrison, Acting Dean of the Faculty of Arts and a Professor of Political Science at UBC.

The Master Mind Master Class speaker series is an alumni UBC program that offers an unprecedented look into the minds of modern thinkers making a unique impact on the world, and the lessons they’ve learned.

This event took place March 8, 2017, at the Robert H. Lee Alumni Centre on UBC's Vancouver campus.