Should we work to live? Or live to work?

“Do what you love. You only live once.” If you’re like many of us, you’ve probably heard this statement so often that you no longer question it. But is it realistic? We all dream of building careers we love, but sometimes circumstances get in the way. Mortgages, kids, cars…it all adds up. Life is expensive and depending on your interests, doing what you love won’t always pay the bills. So what’s the answer? Indulging in passion projects outside of work? Simplifying your life so that you can work less? If we aren’t getting the satisfaction we want from work, how can we balance our need for an income with our desire to “live life to the fullest”?


Margaret Gallagher – Host, CBC Radio One’s Hot Air


Elizabeth Dunn – Associate Professor, UBC Department of Psychology
Paul Kershaw, PhD’02 – Human Early Learning Partnership, UBC School of Population and Public Health
Marie-Hélène Pelletier, PhD’02, MBA’06, RPsych – Director of Workplace Mental Health, Sun Life Financial; Psychologist in Private Practice