The Grape Debate 2014 - Is wine made in the vineyard or in the winery?

Every wine is unique in some way. Some would attribute these distinctive qualities to terroir, while others would consider them to be a reflection of a winemaker’s style. Vineyard location and weather during the growing season certainly impact the grapes in many ways, but the winemaker’s attention to detail and signature techniques may also have significant effects on the final product. Is the importance of terroir overstated? Are talented winemakers undervalued? And where do vineyard managers fit into all of this? Our panel of wine experts debate whether great wines are grown—or made.


DJ Kearney, BA’84 – Wine Educator, Wine Writer, Judge, Presenter & Chef


Sid Cross, LLB’62 – Bon Vivant
David Scholefield, BA’75 – VP Wine Strategy, Trialto Wine Group; Wine Advisor, Okanagan Crush Pad
Val Tait  Co-Owner & General Manager, Bench 1775 Winery


Kathy Malone – Winemaker, Hillside Winery
Howard Soon, BSc’74 – Master Winemaker, Sandhill
Ann Sperling, BSc(Agr)’84 - Viticulturalist & Winemaker, Sperling Vineyards