Making Debt Work for You

Nobody likes the idea of being in debt. But there are times when it can give you the financial freedom to fulfill dreams that might not otherwise be possible. Too much debt, however, can stretch you beyond your means and lead to serious financial headaches. So how do you find your comfort zone? With the holiday season rapidly approaching, now's the time to develop a debt-management strategy that makes sense. Our financial speakers will answer questions about using cash versus credit cards, renting versus owning, and investing versus paying down debt. You’ll also learn what to look for when seeking out financial advisors. Whether you’re in the red, in the black, or in the process of making a large financial decision, this event is for you.


Dan Burritt, BA'04 - Reporter, CBC News Vancouver


Lloyd Andrews – Branch Manager, UBC Scotiabank Branch
Jared Dreyer – President, Dreyer Group Mortgages Inc.
Victoria Gerson, BCom’08 – Financial Security Advisor, Freedom 55 Financial