Making the Pitch 2014 (Vancouver)

Got a great idea that you want to put into action but need to get some people on your side first? Want to be able to concisely and convincingly explain why you’re the right person for the job or why your project should get top priority at work? You need a spectacular elevator pitch and the tools to make your case. Whether you work in the non-profit, small business, or corporate sectors, are pursuing a career in these areas or simply want to learn techniques for honing your pitching skills, this episode is for you.


Lien Yeung - Weather and Community Host, CBC News Vancouver Saturday and CBC News Vancouver Sunday, UBC Masters in Journalism candidate


Terry Beech –  Entrepreneur, Educator, and Public Servant; Adjunct Professor, UBC’s Sauder School of Business
Linda Diano, BSc’87, MBA’92 – Principal, Virago Consulting; Associate, Maximum Impact Training & Development; Co-Founder, The Power in Sport
Dustin Sproat, MBA’13 - Co-founder and CEO, Shnarped