Your Next Career Step - E3 - How to Build Resilience during Challenging Times

Do you want to feel motivated and inspired? Find out how, in the middle of a pandemic, our alumni from around the world are rethinking what it means to be a leader. Your Next Career Step is a podcast miniseries with a new episode airing every two weeks. On the first four episodes, we explore the idea of ‘Adapting through Change’. Join us in conversation as we learn from industry experts and alumni about career and professional development.

In Episode #3, host, Nicole Yeasting, BA’11, Manager of alumni UBC’s Career Program speaks with Dr. Wendy Carr MEd’97, Professor of Teaching and Senior Advisor to the Dean of the Faculty of Education at UBC. They discuss how to define and build resilience during challenging times. Dr. Carr has had a long career in education in the school system as teacher and district level consultant, as well as in post-secondary, as a teacher educator and administrator. Her work in recent years in mental health literacy education has included the co-creation of a curriculum for pre-service teachers to develop their understanding and skills related to youth mental health.

Dr. Carr gives acknowledgements to:

*The source of this visual is unknown but widely attributed to Dr. Monika Langeh and/or Ken Seidu, Godfrey Okumu from Nigeria and Dr. Anne Mwangi from Kenya.