Your Next Career Step - E5 - Do Better, Be Better, Know Better: How to Cultivate a Growth Mindset

Do you want to feel motivated and inspired? Find out how, in the middle of a pandemic, our alumni from around the world are rethinking what it means to be a leader. Your Next Career Step is a podcast miniseries with a new episode airing every two weeks. On the next four episodes, we explore how career paths are forged by paying attention to possibilities.

In Episode #5, host, Nicole Yeasting, BA'11, Manager of alumni UBC's Career Program speaks with alumnus Zain Meghji, BA'00. Zain currently resides in Vancouver and is the head of video for Daily Hive, where he serves as the Creative Director of Video for their branded content arm, Hive Labs. Zain was a Bollywood actor in Mumbai, taught high school drama in England, and more recently was a broadcaster for a morning television show, and has interviewed Hollywood celebrities including Oprah, Beyoncé, Will Smith and Lady Gaga.