Looking for something new to listen to? The alumni UBC Podcast brings you hundreds of hours of audio, featuring prominent speakers including Dr. Gabor Maté, Homa Hoodfar, Jeremy Rifkin, and Waneek Horn-Miller; as well as insightful discussions about current issues, such as healthy aging, the changing views of masculinity, and the future of the Southern resident killer whales. It also covers topics related to innovation and entrepreneurship. Our My Financial Life mini-series covered a variety of topics related to personal finance. You can sign up to receive email notifications when new episodes are released.

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Traveling with Music, the discovery episode, wraps up the series on a high note — a dream surprise for five UBC students who sing with the UBC A Cappella. Superstar voice and performance coach, Tamara Beatty, who coaches for "The Voice," "My Kind of...